Let's Take Care of Your Organization

Let's Take Care of Your Organization

Cloud Software for Easy & Enjoyable Administration & Governance

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Instant Minutes

Meeting guidance with agenda templates, generated minutes, follow up and automatic notifications. Less Paper. Reduce administration time.

Good Records

Take the guesswork out of managing compliance requirements with members, motions and actions registers always up-to-date plus secure document storage.

Simple Handovers

Continuity for new office bearers. Everything kept in the one place. Access from any device. Always available.

It is a massive time saver and simplifies everything. There is never any questions about what was said as minutes are recorded on the night, on a screen for all to see and with all reports available. It is brilliant.

Carol Ramsay – Elanora State High School

I’ve been in the club  for over 13 years and it is a lot of work.  With Process PA we are saving hours of tedious paperwork and everything is in the one place. Minutes are done quickly and easily, Action Items are assigned and emailed out and in the agenda to follow up in the next meeting. I wish this was available years ago.

Kim Miles – Capalaba Football Club Inc

We always are needing to change to stay relevant. With the change in the way people expecting technology to make things easier, Process PA provides a modern platform for getting meetings and minutes done. It really is fantastic. Many thanks to Process PA for this timesaver!

Wendy Dunstan – Co-Director, Wynnum General Gordon Kindergarten

Process PA is not comparable to something like Dropbox or SharePoint. I am always looking at how I can make the job easier to be less intimidating for new members. Instead of carrying stacks of paper to the meetings, everything has already been distributed and is all contained online and easily accessible for all.

Renee Walls – Mango Hill State School

See, minutes are important and because of you (Process PA), our jobs, and all other secretaries/treasurers jobs (voluntary as the positions are) are going to be made so much easier for all of us to have it all done on the day/night of the meeting with the introduction of your programme. If ‘non-techies’  like us can use it, anyone can!

Leanne Barnes & Tracey Spiers – Nerang State High School


Setup 5 minutes. Save hours.

Process PA is cloud-based software that automates association procedures and paperwork, saving committee members from administration time. New office bearers are guided through their role and compliance requirements through simple yet effective handovers, ensuring committee processes are maintained.

Agenda Templates, automatic notifications, online Members, Motions and Action registers. Everything taken care of.

Getting Started

Simple Agenda Templates

Reordering, adding, removing agenda items is quick and simple with drag-and-drop. No more fighting with Word templates.

Clean Simple Minutes

Enter your notes and clean minutes with your letterhead automatically generated with resolutions, action items and attachments.

Document Storage

Keep all your document in the one place. Available everywhere by whoever requires it.

Attendance without a book

Know you have a quorum before the meeting. Notification emails allow members to flag attendance.

Members Register

Keep track of your members. Input minutes fast with selection of proposers and seconders on motions.

Follow Up

Assign action items and set a due date. With automatic reminders, make sure work gets done between meetings.

Clear Schedule

Set your meetings up in advance. Predictive scheduling makes it easy to get ready for the next meeting or the year.

Automatic Notifications

Notice periods for meetings, agenda distribution with attachments, action item follow up all done for you.

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Attract volunteers. Administration without the effort. It's like having a virtual secretary.

Good governance ensures long-term sustainability and organisational effectiveness.

Are your volunteers burning out?

Keep administration simple so you stay focused on the outcomes of your organization

Know what to do without the manuals

For people on committees running associations or boards, much of the time the administration is done by people who put their hand up but did not receive training. There are many resources available that give guidance on what needs to be done but that takes more time than what people have to volunteer. Process PA provides a tool that guides the committee member through the role requirements and automatically performs many of the repetitive tasks.

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Principals View On P&Cs

  Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Do you see the situation improving? Do School Councils make the roles more confusing?   Process PA is a cloud software tool built by a volunteer P&C Secretary to support volunteers with on-the-job guidance and training, without the manuals, and automation to decrease the workload. Increase […]

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Volunteers week and P&C Day

Volunteer Week Australia celebrates national volunteer week from Monday 9-15 May 2016. The theme is Give Happy, Live Happy. The Volunteering Australia web site contains resources and events that are on this year. Check out http://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/nvw/. Did you know in 2006, volunteers contributed 713 million hours of voluntary work, up from 704.1 million hours in […]

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2016 Queensland P&C Constitution changes

Our March AGMs this year we have yet another constitution to adopt. You can find it on the Education Queensland web site or directly download it here. On the P&Cs Qld Web Site they state the main differences are: The main change to the 2016 version of the Constitution is to the agenda for the Annual […]

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Are you ready to take a break?

November is almost upon us and many P&Cs are having their last meeting for the year next month. Have you considered if anyone in your executive is finishing up this year? There are a number of reasons people won’t be continuing. Without getting into the why, let’s be prepared for what needs to be done. […]

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5 Ways to Run a Better Meeting

With Term 4 now in full swing we only have a few more meetings to finish out the year. Now is a good time to have a refresher to keep going strong and have effective meetings. So here they are, 5 ways to run a better meeting. 1. Have a Clear Agenda A well planned […]

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Spring is here – Adopt a Farmer

Earlier this year at the P&Cs Qld Metropolitan East training day we had an absolutely delightful and inspiring talk by Ann Boon from Seven Hills State School in Brisbane. Her story of bringing  a garden into the school was featured on Gardening Australia in a segment you can watch here: The Barefoot Farmer. Ann detailed […]

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Find the volunteer talent within your school community

From the discussion on the survey results many people where asking for Volunteer form template that helps gauge how the broad school community can help. A big thank you to Janet from Highland Reserve State School who raised the idea and has shared the form they have used. You can download it here: 2015 – Active Parent […]

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Feedback and Feelings

April 2015. After the AGM. I felt blindsided by the work I needed to do, tracking everything down to get prepared for the meeting. I thought my volunteering job was supposed to be easy. Send out an agenda and take minutes at meetings. That’s what I was told. That was my handover. I can help […]

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