This update brings a handful of top requests which bring a better configurability and control for administrators.

Assign To Many Action Items

A highly request feature you can now assign an action to multiple members. Each on will get an email about the assigned action. The input works with type-ahead to prefill, or you can just click and select from the list.

The assignees are displayed inline during the meeting and in the Schedule with the outstanding actions.

Custom Numbering for Action Items and Motions

You now have the flexibility for numbering action items and motions to allow easy identification across meetings and the organization. It is composed of up to three parts Prefix-Date-Count:

  1. Prefix is any text
  2. Date is None, Day (e.g. 170218), Month (e.g. 1702) or Year (e.g. 17)
  3. Count is the incremental count of items starting from either
    1. Global, which is all items
    2. Year, resets to zero each year
    3. Meeting, which starts the count at each meeting.

For example, a Prefix A, Date Year and Count Year would be A-17-008. The numbers are calculated at the conclusion of the meeting and will be seen inline in the minutes and summary tables. Carried over actions or motions will maintain their numbers in the next agenda for easy tracking.

You can configure them in the settings page.

Time Limits

We all want meetings to stay on time and to time. With that you can now set the end time for your meeting rather than the default of 1 hour. An very importantly for keeping things on track you can now set an allotted time for agenda items.

When scheduling the meeting you will now see the End Time available.

Set the agenda item allotted time by clicking the clock logo and will be seen inline and on the agenda. You can also set this on the agenda templates in settings and have it automatically applied to new meetings.

Committee Logo

For those who are members of multiple committees or boards on login to Process PA you are presented with the list of organizations you are a member of. You now have the ability to set the logo for your organization or committee. This is uploaded in settings and if you have not uploaded your logo you will see the message to upload in place of your logo.


I want to hear from you. Were these features useful for you? How can they be improved? Is there something else that we could do to make your role easier? Where can we do better for you? Jump onto and raise ideas, comment or vote on existing ones.