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It is a massive time saver and simplifies everything.

Carol Ramsay Elanora State High School


Click through on any feature for more information and see it in action. Coming soon...

Simple Agenda Templates

Reordering, adding, removing agenda items is quick and simple with drag-and-drop. No more fighting with Word templates.

Clean Simple Minutes

Enter your notes and clean minutes with your letterhead automatically generated with resolutions, action items and attachments.

Document Storage

Keep all your document in the one place. Available everywhere by whoever requires it.

Attendance without a book

Know you have a quorum before the meeting. Notification emails allow members to flag attendance.

Members Register

Keep track of your members. Input minutes fast with selection of proposers and seconders on motions.

Follow Up

Assign action items and set a due date. With automatic reminders, make sure work gets done between meetings.

Clear Schedule

Set your meetings up in advance. Predictive scheduling makes it easy to get ready for the next meeting or the year.

Automatic Notifications

Notice periods for meetings, agenda distribution with attachments, action item follow up all done for you.

Upcoming Features

Process PA is a cloud service that is updated constantly with new features and functionality. We have big plans in the roadmap and want your to hear from you.

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