What are the primary duties of your non-profit board?

May 09, 2018 Management Tips Meeting Meetings

Not all organisations are the same. Different not-for-profit organisations serve different community needs, therefore their management boards and type of responsibilities they undertake can vary enormously. Essentially though there are certain basic tasks most boards need to undertake if they wish to be successful. There are certain fiduciary duties that all directors must uphold. 

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Top tips for effective meeting minutes

May 09, 2018 Management Tips Meeting Meetings

Meeting minutes are imperative. Yet, actually taking those meeting minutes isn’t as easy as it may seem. How do you take effective, succinct and professional meeting minutes? Take a look below for our top tips on how to take effective meeting minutes.

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Team building exercises for dynamic teams

May 03, 2018 Management General Tips

We think the concept of having a ‘dynamic team’ is both interesting and important when running an organisation in the digital age. Last week we published a blog exploring the difference between dynamic and traditional teams. As such, we thought it important to further explore the elements that make up a dynamic team. The first element is that of team building.

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Team building exercises for dynamic teams

April 26, 2018 Process Management General

We think the concept of having a ‘dynamic team’ is both interesting and important when running an organisation in the digital age. Last week we published a blog exploring the difference between dynamic and traditional teams. As such, we thought it important to further explore the elements that make up a dynamic team. The first element is that of team building.

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Dynamic vs Traditional Teams

April 26, 2018 Process Management General

Your team structure matters.

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Who is responsible for the meeting minutes?

April 19, 2018 Governance Meeting Tips

If ever there was a gap between a job’s glamour and its importance, such is the case for the person responsible for board meeting minutes. Meeting minutes serve as a record of what was discussed and decided in a meeting, what actions must be taken, who must take them and when. So, being of such great importance, who is responsible for the minutes?

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Membership Details, Enterprise Security and More Process PA Improvements

December 12, 2017 Product Updates

Improvements are constantly deployed and available to all users when you next login. Below is a summary of a few things that have been added over the last couple of months.

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What I heard from an Association you experience the same?

August 07, 2017 Governance Management

Today I had a frank discussion with the president of a P&C with a combined turnover of circa $500k from it’s after school care, canteen and uniform activities. Like many P&C’s, they have had their fair share of challenges in managing the P&C’s activities, volunteers and in reporting efficiently, concisely and appropriately.

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Quick Status, View Online, Email Members and more Process PA updates

June 20, 2017 Product Updates

Over the last few weeks the updates below have been made as we continue to improve the platform to bring you a better governance experience. Being an online service you don’t have to do anything to update as they are available to all subscribers available now on your next login.

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Assign to Many Actions, Custom Numbering, Time Limits and More Process PA Updates

May 02, 2017 Product Updates

This update brings a handful of top requests which bring a better configurability and control for administrators.

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Utilize Enterprise-grade Office 365 with best practice setup for your small Nonprofit organization

March 03, 2017 Office 365

Now that you have Office 365 at Free or greatly reduced cost, it is time to setup it up in a way to get the most benefit out of it. All don’t need to be done at the same time. Change is hard. Take one at a time and as you and your staff and volunteers become comfortable try taking on the next step.

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TechSoup Validation Token in Australia with Connecting Up for small Nonprofit Organizations such as Kindergartens and P&Cs

March 02, 2017 Office 365

The TechSoup Validation token is required to utilize Nonprofit pricing on service like Microsoft Office 365. Connecting Up is the organization in Australia responsible for verifying eligibility and issuing token. Connecting Up provides other technology discounts and donations that are worth investigating for your organization.

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Registering Office 365 with Nonprofit pricing for small Nonprofit Organizations such as Kindergartens and P&Cs in Australia

March 01, 2017 Office 365

There are a few steps and parts of the process have to wait on others to be complete. It is best to have a quick review over the steps before getting started to see if you need to get some other things sorted first (like a domain name).

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How to Set Up FREE Office 365 for small Nonprofit Organizations such as Kindergartens and P&Cs in Australia

February 28, 2017 Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription service giving you access to the Office application and productivity tools and services from Microsoft at a much lower price than buying outright, while always being up to date and containing supporting cloud services. The great news for Nonprofit Organizations is that Microsoft have a technology donation program which allows you to subscribe to Office 365 for free or at a greatly reduced price.

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New to a committee? Found it a mess? Here's the first 4 things you need to do!

February 09, 2017 Governance Tips

There is probably nothing more mortifying than entering a dysfunctional committee in charge of an organization. It is a reflection of the organization. A quick look at how the committee is would give you a good idea of how the whole organization runs. If you are new to a committee that has devolved into a mess, then this is an advantage.

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Summary Tables, Configurable Roles, Tutorials and more Process PA updates

February 03, 2017 Product Updates

We’re focused on reducing effort with cloud automation, reducing paperwork with digital efficiencies, reducing continuity risk with one place and one process for your important records and reducing compliance risk by providing transparency, accessibility and good governance. Here are a few of the features we’ve put in place towards that mission.

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Responsibilities of a Secretary on an Incorporated Association in Queensland

January 10, 2017 Governance

An association secretary is not to be confused with the office secretarial work. An office secretary is someone who is employed to assist with correspondence, keep records, make appointments and carry out confidential or similar tasks. The word itself was derived from the Latin word “secretaries” which means “confidential officer”. When talking about a association secretary we are referring to the duties like a company secretary which in essence is making sure records are correct for the company.

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How to Measure Meeting Effectiveness

January 09, 2017 Meetings

Meetings are essential to any organization especially to associations and not-for-profit management committee and boards. This is the breeding ground for innovation and decision making. They consume a significant amount of time as well which is why improving how it is done is equally important. Measuring the effectiveness of a meeting is a powerful way to make sound decisions and wise use of time. It is also a useful tool in improving the meeting experience for the benefit of the organization and for its members.

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Paper is not as reliable as you think!

January 09, 2017 Process

We cannot deny that the digital era is here to conquer and stay. There is a major proliferation of smart gadgets like phones, tablets and cameras that makes everything easier for you with just one click. This is especially true for those who have a ton of documents to file and wants to do it efficiently.

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Difference Between Managing Paid Workers and Non-Paid Workers (Volunteers)

January 07, 2017 Management Volunteering

Not for profit organizations are comprised of a wide variety of people in order to carry out its mission and vision. Naturally, some work to get paid while others do it as volunteer work or for charitable purposes. It is important to understand the difference between those two categories before planning your management program or strategy.

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7 Ways To Keep Your Volunteers Happy

January 06, 2017 Volunteering Tips

Volunteerism has changed and evolved over the course of time. Some non-profit organizations were able to keep up with these changes while others have not. Now is the perfect time to check on your current volunteer program and assess whether they’re at par with industry practices or not.

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Do All Motions Need To Be Moved And Seconded?

January 05, 2017 Process Governance

The question of “do all motions need to be moved and seconded?” is quite common. The answer is not absolute for all. The reality is that it is customary to move and second motions. But then again it will all depend on the governing rules and regulations of your organization.

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Top 3 Reasons to Join a Management Committee

January 05, 2017 Tips

Every incorporated association has a select group of people who are tasked to manage the organization and ensure that everything is in its proper order. This functions in much the same way as a Board does on a company. Often larger organizations will opt to use the term Board but still has the same responsibilities.

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How to Start an Incorporated Association in Queensland

December 17, 2016 Governance Process

An incorporated association is basically a group of people that is regarded as a person. It is because it has the same responsibilities and benefits like a person does. It is a legal entity that does not change even if its members do.

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What makes good meeting minutes?

December 16, 2016 Meeting Governance

Taking good meeting minutes contributes greatly in making a meeting effective. It is an important source of information about what transpired during the meeting, especially for those who were not able to attend. Aside from the fact that for many associations, they are legally required to keep minutes of the management committee or board, there are three basic reasons why keeping meeting minutes is important:

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How To Market Your Committees’ Achievements

December 15, 2016 Marketing Tips

Promoting the accomplishments of your committee is important in building the image of the group to continue having support of your donors and volunteers. However, this is always an overlooked aspect because most of the time, the resources of the group is allotted to other areas like operations or fundraising. This is also because the term marketing is often not viewed as a purpose of the committee, is confused with advertising, and assumed to take a lot of time, effort and money. Well marketing the achievements of your committee does take a lot of hard work but it can be...

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What Millennials want from a Not-for-profit

December 15, 2016 Tips Volunteering

Every wise not-for-profit leader knows that Millennials are a force to reckon with in the non-profit industry. They have emerged as donors, volunteers, employees and leaders. A research paper published in 2013 reported that 72% of Millennials are eager to join non-profit organizations while 50% are willing to donate to charities on a monthly basis. This data shows the impact that millennials can contribute to non-profit organizations if they are tapped properly.

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Volunteering rates on decline, but what can you do?

December 13, 2016 Volunteering

It is a given fact that donors pump life into non-profit organizations. Their money fuels the activities needed to carry out the mission and vision of the organization.

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4 Ways to Increase Attendance in Meetings

December 12, 2016 Tips Meetings

The rate of attendance of members and volunteers in a meeting is crucial to not-for-profit organization. Attendance is essentially optional as it can’t be mandated. Meeting attendance increases the coherence and communication among all members. However, for some organizations, achieving this is a real challenge.

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When to Motion a report - 3 simple guidelines to follow!

December 01, 2016 Meeting Governance

Committee reports are handled differently depending on their content. Motions that relate to reports are often used indiscriminately like motions to adopt or to accept. However, that is often unnecessary.

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What is the Difference Between a Motion and a Resolution?

November 30, 2016 Governance Meetings

The words “motion” and “resolution” are often used and heard of in the meetings of the board of directors of an organization. These are annual meetings that serve as platforms in proposing actions and mounting decisions. Both terms are often used simultaneously and are sometimes used interchangeably which brings about unnecessary confusions and misunderstandings.

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Benefits of going digital for your committee

November 29, 2016 Tips

The world is constantly changing and organizations need to step their game up a notch to keep up. Along with it is the evolution of digital technology which made keeping up much tougher. Digital transformation has been an essential part of our everyday lives most especially to that of organizations.

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How Do Good Meetings Increase Volunteer Participation?

November 28, 2016 Meetings Volunteers

Meetings are channels of communication. It is one of the oldest yet most effective way to engage people into civil, creative and intellectual discussions. If a meeting is done correctly, it can make members feel relevant thus increasing their participation. A successful organization is always backed up by an effective and efficient meetings.

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How Healthy is Your Committee? 20 Questions for A Quick Health Check

November 25, 2016 Governance

How healthy do you think your committee is? Are the members of the committee well versed in terms of their role and responsibilities?

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How to evaluate a not-for-profit organization before you join the board

November 18, 2016 Governance

Regular organizational health check is considered as one of the most effective ways in improving a group’s performance and organizational management. It improves the following key areas:

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Meeting Conflicts? Don't Panic!

November 15, 2016 Meetings

Do you experience conflicts during meetings? Don’t panic and don’t worry. This is a normal situation. It is actually healthy when there are conflicts in a meeting, this just means that ideas are being generated.

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Committee Health Check

November 11, 2016 Governance

Most of us regularly visit the doctor to check on the status of our health. As they say, prevention is better than cure. If an illness is present already, then putting a stop to it as early as possible through health check-ups is better than treating it late.

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5 Tips on How to Attract Volunteers

November 07, 2016 Volunteering Tips

Volunteers really do make the world of non-profit organizations go round. They are the driving force behind the success of many causes today. However, volunteers do not miraculously grow on trees. Some don’t even know they have what it takes until they are properly tapped. Inviting the correct volunteers doesn’t also happen overnight. It takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, persistence, careful planning and resources.

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Recognizing Your Volunteers

November 04, 2016 Volunteering

Volunteers are not paid to do work for organizations and getting them to stay and appreciate their contribution does not require monetary resources as well. It is essential to develop a continuous process to thank and recognize the efforts of your volunteers to help them stay fulfilled and committed to the organization’s cause.

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5 Tips to Effectively Chair a Meeting

November 01, 2016 Meeting Tips

A leader is essential in any group, project or organization. This is to ensure that everyone stays on track in achieving the groups target or goals. The same is true with meetings, there is a leader as well to guide the flow of the agenda. In a meeting, this person is referred to as the “chairperson” or simply the “chair”.

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Principals View On P&Cs

June 08, 2016 P&C

See the results. Do you see the situation improving? Do School Councils make the roles more confusing?

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Volunteers week and P&C Day

May 10, 2016 P&C

Australia celebrates national volunteer week from Monday 9-15 May 2016. The theme is Give Happy, Live Happy.

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2016 Queensland P&C Constitution changes

March 07, 2016 P&C

Our March AGMs this year we have yet another constitution to adopt. You can find it on the Education Queensland web site or directly download it here.

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Are you ready to take a break?

October 28, 2015 P&C

November is almost upon us and many P&Cs are having their last meeting for the year next month. Have you considered if anyone in your executive is finishing up this year? There are a number of reasons people won’t be continuing. Without getting into the why, let’s be prepared for what needs to be done.

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5 Ways to Run a Better Meeting

October 15, 2015 General Meetings

With Term 4 now in full swing we only have a few more meetings to finish out the year. Now is a good time to have a refresher to keep going strong and have effective meetings. So here they are, 5 ways to run a better meeting.

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Spring is here - Adopt a Farmer

August 28, 2015 General P&C

Earlier this year at the P&Cs Qld Metropolitan East training day we had an absolutely delightful and inspiring talk by Ann Boon from Seven Hills State School in Brisbane. Her story of bringing a garden into the school was featured on Gardening Australia in a segment you can watch here: The Barefoot Farmer.

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Find the volunteer talent within your school community

June 23, 2015 P&C

From the discussion on the survey results many people where asking for Volunteer form template that helps gauge how the broad school community can help. A big thank you to Janet from Highland Reserve State School who raised the idea and has shared the form they have used.

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Feedback and Feelings

May 27, 2015 General P&C

April 2015. After the AGM. I felt blindsided by the work I needed to do, tracking everything down to get prepared for the meeting. I thought my volunteering job was supposed to be easy. Send out an agenda and take minutes at meetings. That’s what I was told. That was my handover. I can help out the school and be involved with staff and parents to improve the outcomes for our children. So why was I up at 11pm tracking down paperwork for the AGM.

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