This guide will help you get going quickly, saving you time quickly. It will take less than 10 minutes setting you up to save hours and will step you through:

  1. Registering an account
  2. Creating your association
  3. Scheduling your next meeting
  4. Adding Members
  5. Notifying Members

Alternatively, click through into more details on these topics:

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Registering an account

  1. Fill in your Name, Email, Phone, Password (must be at least 6 characters long), check the Terms & Conditions and I’m not a robot and press Register.
    Register user

Your account is now created and you will be logged in viewing association you are a member of. If you are not a member of any you can create a new association. You will receive an email to verify your account.

Creating your association

  1. Click Create New
    Create new link
  2. Enter the Name of your Association, Select the Type and Time Zone and click Create.
    Create association

You now have an association created ready for scheduling meetings, members and documents.

Scheduling your next meeting

After creating your new association you will be logged in and viewing the Meeting page. If you have logged into an existing association with meetings scheduled you will be on the Meeting page showing the agenda for the next meeting.

  1. From the Meeting page, click New and select the meeting type, usually General. This is the same process as on the Schedule page.
    Create new meeting
  2. Adjust the meeting name if required, enter the location, select the date and time and click Save.
    Edit meeting
  3. The Meeting Agenda will be displayed ready for editing
    Meeting agenda


Adding Members

Before distributing the Agenda to members, you must update your Members Register. Click on the Members option in the top row.


  1. Click the Add button
  2. Enter the Email Address, First and Last Name and Click Add.
    Add member
  3. Adjust the Role for the newly added member and the permissions for that member.
    Change role
    Change permissions

The newly added members can log into the association, after registering an account with email address in the members register.

Notifying Members

Now that there is a meeting scheduled and members added send emails to members.

  1. Go to the Meeting page
    Meeting menu
  2. Select Emails
    Meeting management
  3. You can Request Attendance, which gives notice of the meeting and the ability for members to respond if they are attending. Or Send Agenda which includes a PDF Agenda, all attachments and allows members attendance response.
  4. After selecting Request Attendance or Send Agenda you can select which members you want to email. Click the Send Now for the emails to be sent.
    Send Now