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Matthew Rowan

Founder & CEO

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Oct. 17
Impact Academy Prize

Process PA was awarded the Impact academny
prize thanks to QUT Bluebox.

July, 17
Milestone: 1000 members

Process PA saw 1000 members sign on to the
software an participated in meetings.

Apr, 17
Westpac Prize

Process PA was awarded the Westpac
Business of Tomorrow award for 2017.

Mar, 17
Product Milestone: 10,000 emails

Users sent a total of 10,000 emails using
Process PA software.

Jan, 17
International Sales Partnership

Process PA was white-labeled to serve
the Canadian market.

Oct, 16
1000 files uploaded

Users uploaded a total of 1000 files using
our document storage feature.

Jul, 16
Completed 100 meetings

Users completed 100 meetings using the
Process PA software.

May, 16
Product Launched

Product was officially launched and
available globally.

Mar, 16
Soft launch to foundation customers

Product was given to foundation members
to test and use.

Nov, 15
Pre-sales to foundation customers

Pre-launch memberships were sold to
foundation customers.

Oct, 15
Startup Accelerator

Process PA was accepted into the first
cohort of the RCL Accelerator.

Sep, 15

Process PA was incorporated.

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River City Labs
Microsoft Innovation Centre Queensland


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