“Why should I move my board documents online?”

No one asks that, but it’s something that should be addressed. Why should people move their documents online to a cloud-based board portal?

The obvious answers are usually; the reduction of paper waste and it’s time-saving to have your documents online.

When it comes down to it though, it’s not about saving time and paper for the board. Although they are great benefits, and it more about the processes it creates or helps.

There are three main benefits to an online portal; automation, compliance, and continuity. These three benefits are the main reason you should consider an online board portal.

Let’s look a little bit further into each benefit.


Minutes, motions, agendas; these are particularly hard to document and keep up with when it comes to boards. Some board even still use pen and paper when they’re writing up there minutes.

This leads to long wait times between when the meeting finished, and when the minutes are sent to members.

The minutes, if using a portal, can be created on the spot as the meeting is happening. This means less waiting for the minutes to come leading to quicker action being taken around your action plan.


There is direct accountability for the board when it comes to compliance. If your governance processes are not compliant, then the board runs a major risk to their organisation.

Most of the time, things like member registers and general document storage are still mostly done using paper. This means most documents are not stored too securely in the back of the office somewhere.


Succession planning is crucial to your board having success over a long period of time. Passing the torch can be a long and draining task though. Having your documents online means that the new board has access to them straight away.

This means that new office bearers can easily identify their roles and those of others quicker. This leads to a more streamlined transition for the entire board.

Get online

With so many benefits to moving your board documents and governance processes online. You can either move all your documents online to a document management system like google drive, or to a full managed board portal like process PA.

At Process PA, we help your implement and record your motions and resolutions through our easy-to use online board portal.

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