Your team structure matters.

Businesses are moving faster than ever with the rise of the digital industry and emerging technologies. Traditional ways of undertaking work and organising a team aren’t necessarily cutting it anymore. People are impatient. Clients and customers are more demanding.  Liquid workforces are increasing, and dynamic team structures are imperative to their success.

How has organisation structure changed over time?

The traditional team structure is exactly what it sounds like. It’s stable, command driven and rule oriented. Traditional organisations represent a hierarchical structure, in which power flows vertically and upward, and employees are generally split between departments. While most offices still work 9-5 days, under this rigid and traditional pyramid of command, there are an increasing number of organisations that are deviating from the norm.  

Modern team structures, otherwise known as dynamic teams, are organisations that operate with a customer centric approach, moving away from the rule-based approach applied by most businesses. Work days and locations tend to know no boundaries, and how each individual interacts and collaborates is imperative to the success of the team as a whole. Modern teams are well suited to rapid innovation and therefore ideal for businesses and organisations in the digital industry. These teams are also reliant on managers who can demonstrate soft skills – analytical thinking, listening, understanding and consensus building with employees. Modern teams are about moving forward with a willing and passionate team together, compared to dragging an unmotivated team along behind.

It is evident that there are great differences between these two models of team structure. Traditional teams may criticise modern teams for being vulnerable and misguided, but in this technological change-driven global environment, tradition in every sense, is arguably more vulnerable. It’s important to remember that your team structure matters.

How can Process PA help? 

Process PA is cloud-based software that automates association procedures and paperwork, saving committee members from administration time. We built this platform to assist dynamic and modern organisations focus their time on clients and customers rather than easily automated administration.

New office bearers are guided through their role and compliance requirements through simple yet effective handovers, ensuring committee processes are maintained. Agenda Templates, automatic notifications, online Members, Motions and Action registers. Everything taken care of.