April 2015. After the AGM. I felt blindsided by the work I needed to do, tracking everything down to get prepared for the meeting. I thought my volunteering job was supposed to be easy. Send out an agenda and take minutes at meetings. That’s what I was told. That was my handover. I can help out the school and be involved with staff and parents to improve the outcomes for our children. So why was I up at 11pm tracking down paperwork for the AGM.

I decided to reach out and find a better way to get this done. So I emailed other P&Cs to get their opinions. I have been overwhelmed with the feedback. The insights I have received in a month are much more than the previous year I was Secretary and year as member before that. Two years on a Kindergarten P&C also. The information you all have shared with me has helped me run things far more effectively. There is still much more work to do, but I see a path.

Below are the results I have tried to compile in a meaningful way. I’ve put them here so people have a place to continue the discussion that was started. If you have any questions please comment below or contact me on the About page.

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75% indicated they want to discuss more. This is fantastic and understandable from a group of such community-minded, giving people. P&Cs Qld provides many resources to read on your own. Getting to networking events can be difficult when we have families and other priorities to balance. What I am providing here is a place to discuss with others, who are in the trenches, in a place that is hopefully convenient to many.

It goes without saying, but must be said. Any advice found here does not constitute proper legal advice. It is just a community discussion. Get ideas and hear others experiences, but before implementing anything in your P&C please ensure you solicit professional advice.