Everyone wants to run a productive committee and is deemed a major hurdle for most. When it comes to your committee, you want to make sure that everybody and everything is running smoothly. Nobody wants an unhealthy committee.

More specifically, questions around the following normally pop into our heads; How healthy do you think your committee is? Are the members of the committee well versed in terms of their role and responsibilities?

If you in this camp of constantly asking these questions, it may be time to give your committee the old health check.

Time to get checking

Here’s a quick checklist to assess and review your committee’s health status:

  • Does the committee still understand its role?
  • Do the members understand their roles as part of the committee?
  • Is the mission and vision of the organization clear?
  • Does the committee operate on the mission and vision of the organization?
  • Is the required information disseminated before meetings?
  • Are meetings well attended?
  • Are meetings held as frequent as needed?
  • Are meetings productive/effective?
  • Is decision-making done with the best interest of the organization in mind?
  • Are committee members’ given equal privileges during a meeting?
  • Are committee meetings properly documented?
  • Are there conflicts in the committee?
  • Are conflicts resolved in the committee?
  • What is the attrition rate of the committee?
  • Is the committee on top of the issues and problems that the organization is facing?
  • Are the values of the organization clear?
  • Does the committee uphold the values of the organization?
  • Is the financial standing of the organization clear?
  • Is the organization’s legal structure clear?
  • Does the committee properly manage the organization’s resources?

How do you answer these?

If you want to, you can try to answer these yourself. Going it alone, however, can have some major downsides. Having people around you who can help you review and answer these questions with you is the way to go. Not only will it save time in the end, but you’ll also have multiple fresh eyes to look over the committee.

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Signs of a Healthy Committee

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