How healthy do you think your committee is? Are the members of the committee well versed in terms of their role and responsibilities?

Here’s a quick checklist to assess and review your committee’s health status:

  • Does the committee still understand its role?
  • Do the members understand their roles as part of the committee?
  • Is the mission and vision of the organization clear?
  • Does the committee operate on the mission and vision of the organization?
  • Is required information disseminated before meetings?
  • Are meetings well attended?
  • Are meetings held as frequent as needed?
  • Are meetings productive/effective?
  • Is decision-making done with the best interest of the organization in mind?
  • Are committee members’ given equal privileges during a meeting?
  • Are committee meetings properly documented?
  • Are there conflicts in the committee?
  • Are conflicts resolved in the committee?
  • What is the attrition rate of the committee?
  • Is the committee on top of the issues and problems that the organization is facing?
  • Are the values of the organization clear?
  • Does the committee uphold the values of the organization?
  • Is the financial standing of the organization clear?
  • Is the organization’s legal structure clear?
  • Does the committee properly manage the organization’s resources?</ol>

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Signs of a Healthy Committee