Regular organizational health check is considered as one of the most effective ways in improving a group’s performance and organizational management. It improves the following key areas:

  • Leadership
  • Organizational Discipline
  • Execution of Programs/Activities
  • Development of Talent and Knowledge of Staff
  • Relationship Between Members of the Organization
  • Improvement of Strengths
  • Elimination of Weaknesses
  • Alignment of Priorities
  • Updating Legal Requirements

Signs of a Healthy Organization

How to conduct a charity health check?

The big question now is how exactly should it be conducted? Establishing the perfect organizational health check method for your group takes time and effort. You may opt to employ a third party agency to do this for you but if you want to check the health of your organization using your team and resources, you may do so using the following basic format and develop it along the way. Look into the strengths, weakness, threats, opportunities, issues and solutions for each of the following basic points:

Organizational Resources

  • Quality of the Organization’s Management Style
  • Organizational Orientation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Clarity of Priorities/Objectives
  • Mission and Vision
  • Competence of the Board
  • Organizational Culture

Human Resources

  • Quality of Human Resources Management
  • Retention of Staff
  • Training and Development Program Plan
  • Remuneration

Financial Resources

  • Financial Stability
  • Revenue Sources
  • Allocation of Resources

Physical and Information Resources

  • Facilities
  • Quality of Equipment
  • Information System

You may draft a questionnaire to itemize the aforementioned points and break it down into specific areas that needs to be checked. Route them to staff and stakeholders, summarize the results and create a strategic solution or plan after. These points can help you start your organizational health check routine, you may develop it accordingly after a year or regular health check up.