Promoting the accomplishments of your committee is important in building the image of the group to continue having support of your donors and volunteers. However, this is always an overlooked aspect because most of the time, the resources of the group is allotted to other areas like operations or fundraising. This is also because the term marketing is often not viewed as a purpose of the committee, is confused with advertising, and assumed to take a lot of time, effort and money. Well marketing the achievements of your committee does take a lot of hard work but it can be done in easily and cost effectively as long as you understand the fundamentals of doing so.

Marketing Success

To be able to market anything successfully, consistency and engagement is key. It means that you have to do it regularly and it has to be enticing enough for your target market to take notice and participate. This will only happen through solid and good planning.

Steps to Market Your Achievements

1. Know your objectives

Think and brainstorm about what the committee wants to achieve through marketing in the short and long term. Are there marketing objectives set? If there is none, then talk to the team and create your goals and objectives. Identify as well what behavior changes or action does the committee want to achieve upon implementing the marketing plan.

2. Analysis

Identify the internal and external factors that can affect the implementation of the marketing plan. What resources would you need? Which people in the group should participate? Once you have identified the answers to these questions, then you’ll be able to implement the plan continuously which is important in the success of any marketing plan.

3. Target Market

Create a profile of the people that you want to attract with the marketing plan. It is a common practice to try and target everybody, while this sounds like a good plan it does not speak to anyone in particular and becomes ineffective. It is better to study more about the marketing language that your target market understands and accepts, otherwise, they will just repel or ignore your message.

4. Message

Once you have the objectives, resources and target market, it is now time to create your message. Take the time and consider the following factors:

  • Achievements that you want to promote
  • Format of the promotion (creative graphics, written visuals, memo type)
  • Participants who contributed to the accomplishments
  • What will make it relevant to the reader?
  • What is the tone of the announcement?

5. Channels

Once you have your announcement format, select channels where you want to promote it. Be sure that the channels you employ is reachable and familiar to your target market. It can be done, but not limited, through the following:

  • Social Media
  • Email Blasts
  • Newsletters
  • Group Boards
  • Or all of the above!

The best way to start your marketing plan, especially if it is the first one, is to employ a simple and straightforward method. This is much easier for your target audience to absorb because they can easily repel it if it doesn’t talk to them or if it annoys them. Gathering as much information as you can in terms of your target market is key. Once you are familiar with these, then moving to your next marketing plan will be easier, faster and more effective.