Product updates are deployed frequently and available for all users next time you login. We have been hearing your great feedback and ideas. If there is something you want to see in Process PA, please vote and add your ideas. If something is not working correctly, please let us know at

Last Modified

Directly from user feedback, was the request to know when there were last changes to the Agenda or Minutes. So now we track when any changes are made to the notes, titles, actions, motions and update the last modified. The last modified is then shown in the generated reports footer as seen below.

Last Modified

Email Attachments

As we’ve had more comfort with the ease and simplicity of including attachments within an agenda we’ve steadily scene the rise of the attachment size. This is great that members are getting the information they need to be informed around the decisions to be made. Our priority is ensure that information gets delivered to their mailboxes in a timely, organised manner.

Unfortunately as the size increases different email providers start blocking emails that are too large and we have a limit of 30Mb. To make it clearer around how big emails are getting, when sending, we now show the email attachments and their size of what will be sent, depending on your settings.

Email Attachments

If your attachments start to get too large you can go into settings and send just a link to direct members to securely login and download the information you have provided them.

More Improvements

Below is a few more improvements we’ve made across the product:

  • Sometimes we don’t have our meetings when they were planned. To make it clearer that dates can be changed we’ve move the edit button on schedule next to the date.

Edit Schedule

  • There were some errors occurring where Normal access users could appear to change content, this resulted in a security failure error showing an unable to save message. We’ve disabled those interface elements to make it clear changes cannot be made.

  • Some combine PDF generation failures were detected when one PDF to be included was password protected. As it cannot be opened by Process PA to merge it, we now ignore including it in the combined agenda.

  • When updating a member email address to one that already existed in Process PA a save error was thrown. Now a warning is displayed that the email is already in use. In this case, remove the member and re-add with the desired email address.

Email already in use

What’s next

We’ve got lots of plans and lots of feedback and are busy working to deliver them for you.