Improvements are constantly deployed and available to all users when you next login. Below is a summary of a few things that have been added over the last couple of months.

Membership Details

Members have been given a boost to cover off all your requirements to maintaining a Members Register.

Personal Details

You now have full details for your members with Phone, Date of Birth and Address. A generic Notes field is available for anything else related to the member. This could be reason for leaving, volunteering availability, or skills relevant to be board for example. Members can also update their own personal details.


Tags have been added to accommodate many uses for our various customers allowing custom data, for example:
P&C Categories: Parent, Staff or Community Member
Sporting Clubs: Paid, Volunteer
Associations: Ordinary Member, Voting Member, Life Member
Non-Profits: Elected or Appointed Members
Body Corporates: Owner, Tenant, On-site Manager

Role Terms

Maintain full history of your management committee or board by specifying the Role and the period which the member held it. The current role will be displayed on the Members list. When a member not no longer has a role, typically you will no longer remove them, but instead set their Security to None.


You can associate attachments with your members. This is useful if you need to maintain documentation for your members, such as Copies of Identification, Blue card or Police checks, Payment receipts, Signed membership forms or many other documents.

Still to Come

Planned next for this area we have member statistics, e.g. meeting attendance rates, reports, e.g. print outs, e.g. contact list, current members, and welcome introduction emails.

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Security Enhancements

Thanks to a large government department piloting Process PA we had independent security and penetration testing conducted on Process PA. The results of which showed we have a very secure platform whether it be for a small association, large non-profit or government organization.As a requirement for enterprise customers, we have added two-factor authentication. This means that on login, you can request to have a code sent to you via SMS or Email that you need to use to complete your login. This is available to all our customers.Your data is safe with us, and we will continue to ensure we maintain best practices for data security and handling.

Other Improvements

  • Action Items emails include Calendar attachments for actions due date
  • Supported Office documents and image viewing online
  • Settings link available straight from Quick Status tiles
  • Tab title displays current logged in Organization name and current page

We have been hearing your great feedback and ideas. It will keep us very busy over the Christmas break and we plan to have more great functionality available to you in the New Year. If there is something you want to see in Process PA, please email me directly at or vote and add your ideas at something is not working correctly, please let us know at