Committee reflects the organization

There is probably nothing more mortifying than entering a dysfunctional committee in charge of an organization. It is a reflection of the organization. A quick look at how the committee is would give you a good idea of how the whole organization runs. If you are new to a committee that has devolved into a mess, then this is an advantage. Having someone new, most often, provides fresh ideas and programs into the table compared to letting someone who is already dragged into the mess fix the problem.

How do you fix the mess?

Here are the first 3 things that you need to work to jumpstart your efforts of salvaging a dysfunctional committee:

1. Evaluate roles

One of the main reasons why committees fall from being effective and efficient is because of its members lack of role responsibilities. They might not have the proper set of skills and but commitment with a set of responsibilities will work wonders.

2. Review the strategic plan

Review the purpose of the organization to the group’s goals and targets. Are they still aligned? Bring the focus back to the purpose and ensure it is clear to all members via a written strategic plan or at minimum goals and expected outcomes.

3. Work the Agenda

Check on how the next meeting runs and observe if the agenda covers the strategic goals. If it isn’t followed properly then set guidelines and time frames to ensure that everyone follows the agenda. After the meeting follow up on action items that were discussed to ensure progress is made.

4. Do small changes

It is always hard to make big changes, so make sure you take small steps first. Ensure each step is in the direction of your goals. Things take time, but with consistent small steps they can yield big positive results.