The year 2020 brings the picture of clear vision. A new decade full of possibilities. With that we are ready to take Process PA to the next level. Our goal is to give your board a clear view of all resources they need for good governance.

We’ve been working actively over the last several months to bring you the biggest update since we launched 4 years ago. This is building off the feedback we receive to make tasks quicker to complete and things easier to find. Although at first Process PA will look quite different, you’ll soon notice the core is what you are used to. Giving that unique, simple agenda creation, meeting running and minutes creation, while keeping directors and committee members informed.

New Look

The new navigation will appear very different. We have seen from our early user testing, that people pick up the new navigation quicker than they did with Process PA initially. We’ve aimed to maintain a new consistent layout.

  • Navigation is on the left
  • Actions are in the toolbar at the top
  • Lists (Meetings, Minutes, Actions, Motions, Members) are in tiles on the left, with details of the select tile on the right

Page Layout

New Features

The main goal of our update process was to introduce a modern interface, that beats our existing easy to use product. In doing so, we’ve update our technical platform allowing for more rapid development of new functionality. Some new features are already available such as Live Editing, Sub Committees and Improved Document management.

Live Editing

You can now see changes made by other users without refreshing your browser. All changes are synchronized to allow better collaboration and members to follow along during meetings.

Sub Committees

Sub-committees are now fully supported with better visibility and management of your sub-committees. You have a hierarchy view of committees under the one organisation and quick committee switching when logged in to your organisation.

Sub Committees

Hierarchical Folders and Document Storage functionality

Our document storage has had a massive upgrade. You now can create sub-folders, move and rename files. All files have references to show their usage against minutes, action, motions or members.


What’s Next

Much more is to come, and we would love to hear your feedback. Your input drives the priority of features on our road map.