Continuing Mission

It’s February already and school is back into full swing. Over the school break we’ve been busy improving Process PA to continue to take the tedious work and continuity risk out of managing your committees and boards. We’re focused on reducing effort with cloud automation, reducing paperwork with digital efficiencies, reducing continuity risk with one place and one process for your important records and reducing compliance risk by providing transparency, accessibility and good governance.

Here are a few of the features we’ve put in place towards that mission.

Summary Tables

You voted for it and it’s now available. Summary tables of Actions and Motions appear at the end of your agenda and minutes. The goal is a quick view to know what needs to be done and what decisions have been made, so we can see progress and results from our meetings. It’s a first step and there is more to come, so please tell me what you like, what you don’t and what we can do to make it more useful for you.

Configurable Roles

Another highly requested item you can now add, remove or rename your roles. So you can add Past President, Life Member, Chief Wrangler or whatever you required. This is simple and quick to configure from the Settings page.

Getting Started Tutorials

In line with our goal to maintain continuity this now makes it easy for new members coming on to take up roles and have a quick overview in Process PA and to be up and running quickly. At any time hit the ? in the top right to run through the quick help or link over to the details help pages here.

Handovers are inevitable, but with Process PA we are hoping that people stay in the role longer, because of the greatly reduced administration burden, and handovers are simple as the Process PA helps take care of it.

More Defaults

You can now set the default Name and Location of your meeting types. Go into Settings and select the Agenda Template.

Email Only Permission

Previous members could have two level of access into Process PA, Admin or Normal. Now you can add users who will only receive emails and have no access to login to your Organization to view the history.


I want to hear from you. Were these features useful for you? How can they be improved? Is there something else that we could do to make your role easier? Where can we do better for you? Jump onto and raise ideas, comment or vote on existing ones.