We think the concept of having a ‘dynamic team’ is both interesting and important when running an organisation in the digital age. Last week we published a blog exploring the difference between dynamic and traditional teams. As such, we thought it important to further explore the elements that make up a dynamic team. The first element is that of team building.

Every organisation requires a team with a variety of skill sets which support their business model. But what team building exercises will actually transform individuals into a dynamic team that produce client centric results?

We have outlined some tips to consider when organising your next team building activity for your dynamic team:

1. Focus on building relationships

Create exercises that will encourage team members to speak about themselves. Building personal relationships and friendships is important in a dynamic team, especially for the promotion of understanding and mutual respect between co-workers.

2. Teach your team the importance of an organised approach

Planning exercises teach your team the importance of organisation, timing, and thinking on their feet. For example, give a single sheet of paper to each of your team members, telling them that they must construct the tallest free-standing structure in just five minutes using only the paper. After review of the structures, a discussion can be had concerning how everyone planned out their structure, who ran out of time, and what could be done differently next time.

3. Instil trust in your team  

Making eye contact with one another isn’t always easy. It is particularly difficult for some people, as it requires a certain amount of trust and respect, and can be quite awkward at times. While some avoid it, others just simply aren’t good at it. Therefore, the exercise of having your team members make eye contact, though simple, can help your employees become more comfortable and trusting of each other. 

4. Make it fun!

Don’t forget to make everything as light and fun as possible. You want to make your team building sessions a great and positive experience for the group, right? Know what team members like to do for fun, collate all the information, and implement it during the activity. Go as far as renting a karaoke machine or a Zumba instructor, just to break the ice and help everyone de-stress.