The TechSoup Validation token is required to utilize Nonprofit pricing on service like Microsoft Office 365. Connecting Up is the organization in Australia responsible for verifying eligibility and issuing token. Connecting Up provides other technology discounts and donations that are worth investigating for your organization.

Sign up with Connecting Up

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up at the top right

  3. Enter your details and click Create New Account
  4. Complete the Organization Registration and Qualification form

If you are a Kindergarten or any Nonprofit registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission (ACNC) it will just take a couple of days for your qualification to be completed. If you are a P&C or other small organization however, you need to provide more information which will be requested as below:

Your organisation is close to completing the registration and qualification process. We simply require evidence of your organisation’s charitable or not for profit status.

Currently we do not have any evidence of your organisation’s charitable or not-for-profit status because it is not reflected on the Australian Business Register It is a core requirement for the program that organisations are income tax exempt, you must fill out and return to us a self-assessing review worksheet for income tax exempt not-for-profits, which can be downloaded here:

NB. The tax review sheet must be signed

1. Please also provide us with a copy of your organisation’s constitution noting its not-for-profit and/or dissolution clause. You can find out more on the ATO’s website. If you don’t have a constitution let us know and we may be able to accept other documentation.

All documentation may be scanned then emailed to or send a faxed copy to 08 8311 5213.

For a P&C you will find information on P&Cs Qld website in a document, Fact Sheet: P&C Non-Profit and Charity Status, where it states, “A P&C is considered a ‘non-profit’ organization by the Australian Taxation Office”.

The two documents you will be required to return are the Income tax status review worksheet for self-assessing non-profit organisations and Constitution.</li> </ol>

TechSoup Validation Tokens

  1. Once your organization is qualified login to Connecting Up,
  2. Go to My Account, select TechSoup Validation Tokens

  3. Click Add New Token, fill out the form and you will have a token generated for you


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