What is a Management Committee?

Every incorporated association has a select group of people who are tasked to manage the organization and ensure that everything is in its proper order. This functions in much the same way as a Board does on a company. Often larger organizations will opt to use the term Board but still has the same responsibilities.

The main roles of a management committee are:

  • managing the association’s financial affairs and maintaining its financial viability
  • ensuring the association acts in accordance with its objects or purposes
  • meeting all legal requirements.

Members of the management committee are either appointed or elected by the members of the organization. This usually occurs during annual general meetings as defined by the organizations constitution.

The management committee is always answerable to the whole organization. Most management committees provide year end reports to showcase accomplishments of the management committee and how it affects the whole organization.

Why join a Management Committee?

There are three main reasons why one should join a management committee:

1. Commitment to a Cause

An organization always has a cause which it serves, whether it be the local community, sporting group or international aid. Joining the management committee is a good path to help to achieve the cause of your organization and lead the direction. This can provide fulfillment that enables members to directly see the impact of their work through the decisions and activities carried out by the management committee.

2. Training Ground

Being part of the management committee serves an excellent training ground for improving your leadership skills. Starting in smaller community groups, clubs or associations, give you great experience to learn to join boards in charities and larger organizations.

3. Increase Networks

Management committees often meet regularly. It is a great place to get to know a different group of people that have similar passions and vision that you do.