Every wise not-for-profit leader knows that Millennials are a force to reckon with in the non-profit industry. They have emerged as donors, volunteers, employees and leaders.

A research paper published in 2013 reported that 72% of Millennials are eager to join non-profit organizations while 50% are willing to donate to charities on a monthly basis. This data shows the impact that millennials can contribute to non-profit organizations if they are tapped properly.

The question becomes, however, how does an NFP reach out and grab that market. One of the most important things is to listen what Millennials want. Is it something tangible from the organization, or something that is physical but they can still take it with them when they leave.

What Millennials Want

The first step in creating your plan and strategies in tapping millennials to join your organization is to uncover what they are looking for or want from a not-for-profit organization. Doing this can lead to a massive increase in engagement from that market.

1. Go Digital

Almost every millennial has access to the internet through a wide array of platforms that can either be via smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many more. What your organization can do is ensure that you have strong visibility online. Optimizing your website and keeping your content as fresh as possible may seem like small things, but can give a massive boost to that engagement.

The thing is, Millennials are keener in sharing and campaigning for causes that are timely. This is done by Millennials using materials that are visually appealing and easy to share. So remember to put ample time and effort into updating your social media accounts to successfully keep millennials engaged.

Make sure you are using modern technology systems internally as well. If you want them volunteering within your organization, then you need technology that can help them do their jobs efficiently.

2. Show Results

Millennials are results-oriented individuals. They are highly motivated by success stories and emotional visuals. Using materials that show the difference or the impact of their contributions can be invaluable to them. They want to not only feel they’ve done good, but they also want to see it

They can lose interest in your cause if they do not know how their efforts and time can help in achieving the organization’s mission and vision. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have this transparency anyway, every volunteer should feel valued and be able to see the results of their work.

3. Experience

Millennials value camaraderie and teamwork. They like building relationships with senior people within the organization and receiving recognition for their efforts. This helps them grow their experience base as well as their networking.

Some things you can do is offer training and references to your millennial volunteers to give them the experience to build their careers. Most of the time, they want to know that they can show off their accomplishments to friends, family, and future employers. This is one of the most important key factors in keeping millennials engaged and motivated.

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