Sign your minutes

You can sign your finalized minutes directly within Process PA. This feature streamlines the minute signing process and ensures that all records are secure and tamper-proof. By applying your signature, the minutes become locked and can no longer be edited, giving you the confidence that your records are accurate and complete.

If your organization requires multiple signatures, each person (must be an Administrator) involved can access the minutes and apply their signature, making it easy to manage the entire process from within the platform. This eliminates the need for manual signatures or the transfer of paper copies, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of lost or misfiled documents.


  1. Open Finalized Minutes Preview
  2. Click the Sign button and OK to the prompt
    1. If you have not uploaded your signature, you will be redirect to upload it
    2. Click Upload and select your signature from
    3. Click Back
    4. Click Sign and OK to the prompt
  3. Preview is updated with Signature and minutes are locked for no more editing