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Ensure your charity is 'swimming between the flags' with secure, guided and instantly accessible meeting minutes from any device. Automated agenda templates and notifications

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Take the risk out of managing compliance requirements. Members, motions and actions registers always up-to-date plus secure document storage.

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Continuity for new office bearers. Everything kept in the one place. Access from any device. Always available.

The Problem for Not-for-profits

Different not-for-profit organisations serve different community needs, therefore their management boards and type of responsibilities they undertake can vary enormously.

We understand this and have created a system that helps Not-For-Profits effectively manage their board governance.

Process PA is an easy to use online portal that Not-For-Profits use to maintain good governance.

Why use a board governance portal?

Here are the features that should be considered in planning the digitization of your committee.

Better insights

Going digital not only saves paper but helps to collect important data of the everyday operations of the Not-For-Profit.

Equipped with this data and good analytical tools, committee members are sure to make better decisions on their current activities and events.

Work anywhere

With the move from physical to digital, access to the documents can be done anywhere, anytime.

This will save countless hours and help all committee members be prepared for the next meeting.

Faster communication

When it comes to board efficiency, communication plays a massive role in helping the committee run their meetings.

If digital communication tools are employed by the committee, sharing updates and information becomes faster and more accessible.

Encourage transparency

Enabling transparency is vital in keeping the morale of committee members and stakeholders high because it increases the integrity of the group.

Through digital tools, monitoring of how information is shared to correct people becomes easier and faster.


Setup 5 minutes. Save hours.

Process PA is cloud-based software that automates association procedures and paperwork, saving committee members from administration time.

New office bearers are guided through their role and compliance requirements through simple yet effective handovers, ensuring committee processes are maintained.

Agenda Templates, automatic notifications, online Members, Motions and Action registers. Everything taken care of.

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