We cannot deny that the digital era is here to conquer and stay. There is a major proliferation of smart gadgets like phones, tablets and cameras that makes everything easier for you with just one click. This is especially true for those who have a ton of documents to file and wants to do it efficiently.

digital paper

Digital over Paper

Documents and filing has always been under the umbrella of paperwork. A lot of people are still counting on this method to date and we will outline general ways on why it is time to switch your gears to digital mode:

  1. No to Losing Documents

Compared to paper filing, losing documents in digital form is so much harder. This is because you can store a single document in multiple platforms, do it via cloud, your email or through an online storage provider. People still have the fear that computers will fail and documents will be lost. Although this can happen, with a good system in place, it is far less likely than paper. How many receipts do you have that are now blank with the ink faded? How many times have you looked for notes you jointed down on paper? Digital is more reliable, albeit for most less comfortable.

  1. File Documents Easily and Save Room Space

All you need is a laptop or a computer to store files. You don’t need to dedicate an archive room for it like how people used to do. Moreover, it is easier to tag documents in categories using a computer compared to printing and pasting labels on folders.

  1. Search for Files Faster

When looking for a digital file, all you need to do is type the file name or put keywords on the search feature of your gadget, no need to go over piles of paper for hours. It will only take you seconds to do this which saves you time to attend to other important matters.

  1. Clean

Having your files online or on a digital platform is so much cleaner aesthetically. There are no dusts or ununiformed tags. It is more presentable especially if you are in a department that is heavy in meeting clients.

  1. On the Go

Take your files with your wherever you are on the globe! Literally! Scan paper files if you need to and bring them with you during a meeting or a trip abroad.


Are you still running your association or not-for-profit on paper? It’s time to make the move to an easier more reliable way. Check out how Process PA makes all the paperwork easier without paper.