Manage Membership

The Members is used for registering the Committee or Board members. These are the members used for Emails, Attendance and Access to Process PA.

  1. To set the current members, click on the “MEMBERS” tab located at the top portion of the page.
  2. You can set the role of each member with the drop down on the member row. The roles are determined from the default roles based on your organization type you selected when creating your organization. If you need custom roles added, please contact us.
  3. You can manage the access level of each member by clicking the second button at the right portion of the page. You may choose to either give them an admin access, where they can run meetings and change settings in the system, or give them a normal access, where they can view meetings and content but cannot edit them.
  4. If you would like to add a new member, click on the green “ADD” action button at the upper right portion of the page. A dialog will appear where you can supply the new member’s name and email address. Once you’re done, click on the “ADD MEMBER” button at the lower right end portion of the pop up page. If a member email already exists (they may be part of another committee, the name will automatically populate.)