Set the From email address for your distributions, Page header/Letter head for your agenda and minutes, automatic distributions and agenda templates from within the Settings.

  1. To edit the settings of your system, click on the gear icon on the top right portion of the page.
  2. In this section you may specify the source of the emails coming into the system by clicking on the drop down section under the “Email FROM Address” title. NOTE: These emails will come from a email service masking the address as the From member. Some email clients may flag these messages with security warnings Process PA does not use your email server (saving configuration). These emails are safe.
  3. You may edit the design of the letter header used in the generation of the agenda and minutes documents.
  4. Edit the agenda templates used in meetings based on the requirement of your next meeting. The list is at the lower left portion of the page.
    The “Edit Template” page will appear once you click on a template that you intend to edit. You may rearrange the agenda items in the template by dragging and dropping, renaming or adding them as you require like in a meeting agenda.[
  5. You can automate emails to distribute meeting notices and agenda at set times to match your constitutions requirements.